ACA Publishes Guide for Understanding Purchase and Sale Agreements


Handbook covers the key contract elements of a debt portfolio transaction


(MINNEAPOLIS, May 7)—ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA), has published a new 70-page handbook on the key provisions of a successful sale of accounts receivable.


Members of the Asset Buyers Division within ACA designed the guide to clarify for businesspeople—especially non-lawyers—the issues commonly encountered in documenting the purchase and sale of delinquent consumer debt.


“We believe this is the first publication of its kind devoted specifically to purchase and sale agreements,” commented project coordinator Michael Philippe. “We brought together a team of experienced professionals committed to sharing their knowledge and the finished product should be on the desk of all debt buyers and sellers.”


>From the “Three R’s” of a debt buying contract (Reward,

>Responsibilities, Risk) to critical elements like the bill of sale,

>closing statement, cut-off date and put-back rights, the guide explains

>how to structure a no-surprises deal beneficial to all parties.


Nearly 30 pages of sample purchase and sale agreements are provided in the guide, spelling out the important differences between transactions with original lenders versus resale on the secondary market.


The guide is available to both members and nonmembers of ACA, at rates of $190 and $380, respectively. The special price of $95 is offered ACA members who also belong to the association’s Asset Buyers Division.


For more information on ACA’s Asset Buyers Division or to order A Guide for Understanding Purchase and Sale Agreements please contact ACA staff at +1(952) 928-8000, ext. 127, or


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