(Everybody Has Them)



                        There are delinquent accounts in your portfolio that are “Stealth Accounts.” They’re the ones your dialers keep calling but with whom nobody ever gets to talk. They are continuously called because predictive dialers have phone numbers that often conceal dreaded skip accounts---but how are you to know that in time?


            Busy signals can result from misdirected carrier signals or blockage by caller ID that don’t divert your dialers from trying again and again. So they keep calling until something happens, and it usually does--- over 90% of “Stealth Accounts” write off! Over one-half of all policy write-offs are “Stealth Accounts.” With $2 trillion of loans outstanding and a loss ratio of 5-6%, policy driven Stealth write-offs can amount to $30 billion a year, most of which is a forgiveness of debt caused by systemic flaws.


By scrubbing FDR/TSYS systems to extract “Stealth Accounts,” costs are reduced (it usually costs about $75 per month to follow a stealth account), liquidation rates improve, collection seat yields are raised, and collection methodologies are instantly propelled into the next generation. Policy write-offs can be reduced by up to $15 billion annually just by reducing bad debts caused by systemic flaws. FUSHION enhancements require no technological changes and few equipment appendages. The seamless interface extracts these “Stealth Accounts” early in time by directly linking to Mosaix auto-dialers, and segmenting accounts by pre-determined call strategies and penetration goals. Performance metrics include managing over 4.7 billion early-out skips and successfully impacting loan balances of $1.5 billion.


Tritium is a full service collection agency dedicated to using its technology to help identify skip accounts, find them and collect the debt owed.  


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                                    Herbert B. Siegel, Ph.D.

                                    TRITIUM CARD SERVICES, Inc.

                                    Director of Strategic Planning