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Yarmo & Associates Consulting | Rob Yarmo

Consultant: Rob Yarmo
Company: Yarmo & Associates Consulting

Contact Information:
Address: 2491 Scotch Pine Dr
City: Oakville
State: Ontario
Zip: L6M4C4
Phone: 416-669-5490

Services Offered:
Is your sales message missing the mark in this current environment? Are your formerly successful sales messages now falling on deaf ears? We can help. We specialize in re-branding, brand and marketing repositioning along with bringing a contemporay feel to marketing colateral. We will work with you to tighten up and target your sales messages and talking points to make your sales team more effective. SpecialtiesDirect C level Sales, Sales Management, Sales Strategic Planning, Marketing, Branding/identity, Senior level mentorship, Proposal Writing, Marketing Colateral Development and Client Service Mangement. We directly establish and manage major client relationships personally. Areas of focus are on-shore, off-shore and near-shore first and third party recovery programs for credit card, consumer loans, auto finance, mortgage, telecommunications, direct marketing and debt buyer industry verticals.